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Events 2023

We are running two social events in the summer months.


The first being a fundraiser event in June, Pimms, Strawberries and Cream tournament for adults. Entry free is £8.00 which goes towards the club funds.

The second event is a bring your own picnic and tournament, for both adult and junior, free for all members in July. This event is to encourage members to come down with their picnics, enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather with a tournament for those who want to play.

More details for both events are below along with other important dates for your diary.

Bring your own picnic.jpg

2023 Dates for you diary


Club clear up day

1 April

*2023/2024 Membership Renewal Date*


FHLTC Open Day


Pimms, Strawberries & Cream Event - Fundraiser for the Club


Bring your own Picnic - free members event with optional Tennis


Club Tennis Finals Day

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